When We Speak?

Join us at

Genna’s Lounge (2nd Floor)
105 W Main Street, Madison, WI 53703
7pm (ish) start time

Important Dates for Open Mic & Slams

  • Oct 15 Open Mic
  • Nov 19 Haiku Slam
  • Dec 17 Slam
  • Jan 21 Slam
  • Feb 18 Slam
  • Mar 18 Slam
What You Missed…

Affirming Mic, our summer series, is an opportunity for poets new and seasoned to bring their journals, notes, and notions, and read them before a supportive audience.  This is an ideal opportunity for us to sharpen some work before the slam season begins in November. Join us for the last affirming mic of the season, tonight, Oct 15! Get ready for Slam Season!